Project Overview

Project Title: Implementing Social Emotional Learning in K-12 Classrooms

Description: This is an instructor-led mock course designed for the Instructional Design and Tech Accelerator Certificate Program.

Time in Development: Approximately 70 hours over 7 weeks.

Step 1: Project Management

Description: I use a Trello board to plan and organize how I would go about the project. A Trello board is an online tool where every single part of a project can be managed, tracked, and shared with teammates.Tool used: Trello board

Step 2: Analysis

Description: I collected all the information needed to complete the learning solution. I completed a training needs analysis and developed a learner persona to have a clear picture of who this course is for and the problems that need to be solved. Learner Persona: Teachers who face feelings of defeat due to students having trouble managing their emotions, getting along with fellow classmates, low academic achievement, and being unmotivated to improve grades. Tools used in development: Google Docs, Google Slides, iMovie
Learner Persona- Micro course 1

Step 3: Develop

Description: I organized all the information collected to identify learning objectives. I built an outline containing: the learning objectives, content that is chunked into identifiable sections, the engagement activities, and the script. Tool used in development: Google docs
Course Script

Step 4: Design

Description: I used PowerPoint and Adobe Premier Pro to build my learning solution, for an instructor-led synchronous course. Supplemental materials to enhance the course include a facilitator guide, participant workbook, and infographic that work to support, extended, and deepen the impact of the learning content for the audience.Tool used in development: PowerPoint
Participant Workbook.pdf
Facilitator Guide.pdf

Step 5: Implement

Description: The course is facilitated to a group of approximately 20-30, K-12 teachers with varying degrees of tenure, with various backgrounds. Allow up to 40 minutes for the live delivery of the course. Tool used in development: PowerPoint, Adobe Premier Pro

Step 6: Evaluate

Description: The effectiveness of the course will be analyzed by comparing the student test scores and number of behavior referrals before and after the training and teacher implementation of the strategies learned. Data from surveys given to teachers who completed the training will also be analyzed. The projected results would be: Increase in student test scores, a decrease in the number of behavior referrals, and improved teacher morale. Tool used in development: Canva, Google Slides