Project 1:

 My roles: Instructional designer and media developer for Pulse Learning for a freelance project. I developed this course from a provided storyboard. 

Project Title: Workplace Harassment

Description: This course focuses on defining workplace harassment and provides scenarios to help identify what constitutes as harassment

in the workplace.

Tools used in development: Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, Adobe Premier Pro

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Project 2:

 My roles: Instructional designer and eLearning developer for a course for The Instructional Design Company.  I was provided an audio file and four stock images.  

Project Title: 4W's for Collecting Information 

Description: This course is designed to inform participants of the 4 questions you should answer before you start a Training Analysis when developing a course. 

Tool used in development: Articulate Storyline 360

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Project 3:

My roles:  Instructional designer, eLearning developer, Subject Matter Expert, and instructor.  I developed this course using the ADDIE design model.  

The Problem

A 5th grade teacher is feeling defeated because her students are having trouble managing their emotions, and getting along with each other.  Her overall class academic achievement is low, and students lack motivation to improve their grades. 

Tools used in development: 

Google Slides, iMovie

The Solution

An engaging 40 minute instructor-led course.  The course provides specific social emotional learning strategies and examples teachers can implement in their classroom  immediately, to improve overall classroom climate. 

Tools used in development: Adobe Premier Pro, PowerPoint, Canva

The Result 

After taking the course and implementing the strategies in her classroom, the results were: an increase in student test scores, decrease in number of behavior referrals, and improved teacher moral. 

Tool used in development: Google Slides

Learner Persona- Micro course 1

Project 4:

My roles: Instructional designer, eLearning developer, and instructor.  

Description: Interactive and engaging virtual classrooms for K12 learners, with instructor lead content, as well as asynchronous learning activities.  Learning material is aligned with state learning objectives and catered to the learner's interest. 

Tools used in development: Google Slides

Bears Virtual Classroom 


Dental Health Virtual Classroom

Dental Health

Nutrition Virtual Classroom

My Plate/Nutrition